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Earn More | Do Less

Partner Program

01. Save Time

Spend your time on qualified leads and clients. Let us help convert the rest into qualified paying customers. Productivity is the key to closing more leads. Remain the master of your profession, rather than becoming the jack of all trades. Stay focused on the people you can help today. Let handle the rest.

02. Spend Less

You’ve already spent time and money bringing leads to your desk. Instead of increasing marketing spend, doesn’t it make sense to maximize what you already have? With us, you can build up a secondary pipeline of nurtured clients to pull from each month. By converting more of the leads you’re already in front of, you’re reducing your cost per conversion.

03. Earn More

Stay at top of mind with your clients. We help keep leads in your pipeline while grooming them towards qualification, with your name and information in front of them the entire time. Not only will you convert more leads with us, but you’ll also receive more referrals from these clients, further reducing your cost per conversion and increasing your revenue.

Do You Rely On Clients With Good Credit?


Are You In A Below Profession?

  • Mortgage
  • Real Estate
  • Tax
  • Attorney
  • Auto Sales
  • Finance
  • Property Management
  • Solar Sales
  • Or any industry that relies on clients obtaining lines of credit

If the answer is yes, then you could benefit from working with us to maximize your pipeline. Refer a credit-challenged client to us and we’ll work to increase their credit score in record time and we will always refer them back to you.



What You Get

Secure Dashboard

View & submit referrals. Track progress for each client. All on the cloud and available 24/7.


Web Lead Form

Embed on your website or emails. Any submission will be tied to your account.

Email Drip Campaign

New feature coming soon. Compliant email campaigns sent to referred clients with relevant topics customized with your name and information.

Client Presence

The client gets a separate web portal to track their progress, send messages, utilize tools, etc. Your name and information will always be on the client’s dashboard. Keeping you at top of mind.

Always Available

Affiliate Website

With your private web access, you can stay up to date on client progress 24/7 and even send us messages if you have any questions.


Compliant & Effective

We are experienced in credit repair as well as real estate. We understand the various laws. We know how to remain compliant while getting the best possible results, so you can be confident when choosing to work with us.

Why Us?

The Difference

  • Proven, systematic approach to get the best possible results
  • No dispute limit
  • Custom challenges tailored to client’s needs
  • We don’t take anyone into our program. We qualify clients so we can be confident in our ability to get desired results
  • We understand the varoius laws
  • You get 24/7 tracking and branding with your clients

Are you ready to build a second pipeline and help more clients?

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